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Bynoe Causeway, Normanton

Bynoe Causeway, Normanton QLD

Innovative Professional Engineering & Project Management


ERSCON was born out of a desire to create a company where client relationships and the highest possible level of service are achieved through an innovative and collaborative approach. We deliver best practice in our engineering and project management, and in the process save our clients time and money, and reduce their risk.

ERSCON’s name is an acronym for Earthworks, Roads, Services, CONstruction, and our team had worked together on many projects in each of these fields when ERSCON Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2014. It brought under the one roof a team of experienced and high performing professionals, led by Directors John Martin and Heath Jones.

Our many years’ experience has given our team a deep understanding of the challenges posed by distance, extreme climate conditions, and demanding time requirements when working in remote areas of Australia. In our work with remote shire councils, including Carpentaria, Aurukun, and Burke, we deliver a consistently high and dependable level of service, and pass on our knowledge.

The services our team provide include highway and traffic engineering, construction management, engineering services for private land developers, aerodrome design, water supply analysis , sewerage reticulation and pump station design, stormwater modelling and design. We have provided consultancy services on numerous municipal engineering projects, as well as geotechnical services and contract administration.